Since it first became popular in 2010, Instagram has advanced significantly. In this social media platform, you can only able to share photos when it launches in 2010, but within a year, it develops into a variety of things which includes a platform for shopping and marketing for e-commerce, connects you with old friends, provides space to start new relationships, a place to share your skills and talent, a battleground to raise your voice against injustice and a gallery of whatever NFTs are.

Moreover, Instagram provides us with all the values which we care about and need badly in our lives. The most followed Instagram accounts have some talent in them which is why they are so popular among people. Almost millions of people watch live videos of the owners of the most popular or followed accounts on Instagram.

Well, this social media app helps to provide different, unique, and new kinds of celebrities. They are mostly singers, influencers, sportsmen, actors, or event bodybuilders because they have built their future with the help of their talent. This is why people take more interest to see how they have achieved their goals and want to be like them.

In this article, we will give you the list of the top 15 most-followed Instagram accounts in the world in 2022.

  1. Instagram

Number of followers: 549 million

Instagram’s official account is one of the most followed accounts from all of them which have approximately 549 million followers. On Instagram’s official account, you will find some best and the most creative people in the feeds. In those feeds, you also find some interesting trends that Instagram wants to promote. Well, it seems obvious that Instagram itself has the highest number of followers and all the top followers follow Instagram’s official account but we find this question more evenly can anyone will break this record? Well, I think records are made to break. So, you will see one day that maybe someone can break this record but I’m damn sure you have to wait for quite a long.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Number of followers: 481 million

Profession: Football Athlete

We all are familiar with this superstar of football who made himself the greatest Portugal player. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous players all over the world and due to his popularity, he has 481 million followers on Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram followers increase day by day. He owns the highest followed human account on Instagram in which he shares his professional life picture and videos. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, he claims the number 2nd spot with over 481 million followers.

  1. Kylie Jenner

Number of followers: 369 million

Profession: Modeling, Acting, and Media Personality

Kylie Jenner is one of the first women to surpass 300 million followers barer on Instagram. More than 369 million people follow her and she is a self-made billionaire. She has launched many brands under her name which makes her more famous. She claims the 3rd spot in this race but you never know if she will surpass Cristiano in a couple of years. She mostly posts her daily life photos and works photos to remain engaged with her followers.

  1. Lionel Messi

Number of followers: 360 million

Profession: Football Athlete

Well, every person in this world is familiar with this Argentina striker Lionel Messi. He has 36o million plus followers on his Instagram account in which he shares his practice pictures, his lifestyle picture, and some funny videos with his family. People from all over the world love him as you can see their love from the number of followers that Messi has. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, he claims the number 4th spot with over 360 million followers.

  1. Selena Gomez

Number of followers: 346 million

Profession: Singer and Actress

Selena Gomez is well-known for her singing but in recent years, she has been able to make her name in the acting industry.  On her Instagram account, she mainly posts her concert picture, videos, and IGTV. You can also get amazed by her lifestyle and clothing. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, she claims the number 5th spot with over 346 million followers.

  1. Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock

Number of followers: 337 million

Profession: Actor, Bodybuilder, and WWE Athlete

If you are a WWE fan, then you should familiar with this muscular man “The Rock”. He earns the fifth slot as an actor who rose to fame as a WWE star. There are several photos from filming, images of him working out, and postings about his family, so there aren’t many surprises on his account. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, he claims the number 6th spot with over 337 million followers.

  1. Ariana Grande

Number of followers: 331 million

Profession: Singer

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers on our list with more than 331 million followers. In her feeds, you mostly find her pictures during her performance. She also shares her blockbuster lifestyle pictures. She loves to wear different styles of clothes.  People all over the world love her voice and in upcoming years, she will be able to gain the top spot on the most followed Instagram accounts. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, she claims the number 7th spot with over 331 million followers.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Number of followers: 330 million

Profession: Fashion Designer and Media personality

The most famous girl in the Kardashian family is Kim Kardashian. In her Instagram account, you’ll find similar feeds as you do on other Kardashian accounts. She likes to post different fashion clothes because she is a fashion designer. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, she claims the number 8th spot with over 330 million followers.

  1. Beyoncé Knowles

Number of followers: 275 million

Profession: Model, Singer, Actor, and Dancer

Next on the list is the beautiful model, Singer Beyonce Knowles. On her Instagram account, you’ll find her performance snaps and videos. She also likes to post her lifestyle goals and achievements. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, she claims the number 9th spot with over 275 million followers.

  1. Khloe Kardashian

Number of followers: 271 million

Profession: Actor, Model, and Fashion Designer

Khloe Kardashian is one of the finest models and actor which loves to post on Instagram. If you ever visited her profile, you can see that she is InTouch with many different things. She loves to post on Instagram often and has a huge number of followers. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, she claims the number 10th spot with over 271 million followers.

  1. Justine Bieber

Number of followers: 258 million

Profession: Singer, Actor, and Model

A small boy gets early fame from his first song. Well, everyone can guess his name as Justine Bieber is one of the most loved singers who gets a lot of fame at a young age. Now, you can see him in lots of controversies but her songs are popular among every person. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, he claims the number 11th spot with over 258 million followers.

  1. Kendall Jenner

Number of followers: 257 million

Profession: Model, Actor, and TV Personality

No less beloved than her entire family is Kendall. She is highly recognized for being a model as well as being a part of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Well, photos from fashion shows, photo sessions with different brands, and intimate experiences may all be seen on her Instagram account. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, she claims the number 12th spot with over 257 million followers.

  1. National Geographic

Number of followers: 239 million

Profession: TV channel

We all know this most popular TV channel as it has been around since digital technology was developed. Nation geographic also owns an Instagram account in which you can see different parts of the world in their feeds. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, the national geographic Instagram account claims the number 13th spot with over 239 million followers.

  1. Taylor Swift

Number of followers: 224 million

Profession: Singer, Model, Actor, and TV personality

Taylor Swift is known for her beautiful singing as she has a beautiful soulful voice which makes her one of the best singers. In its Instagram feeds, she mostly posts her photoshoots. In the year 2020, she becomes the highest-paid artist of that year and earns about 23.8 million $. She likes to maintain her Instagram feeds regularly to stay engaged with her followers. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, she claims the number 14th spot with over 224 million followers.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Number of followers: 221 million

Profession: Singer, Model, Fashion designer, and Dancer

Jennifer Lopez is one of the finest singers in the modern-day world. She mainly posts her lifestyle picture which makes her one of the most popular people on this platform. She entertains her followers with her music, dance, and fashion. On the list of 15 most-followed Instagram accounts, she claims the number 15th spot with over 221 million followers.


Q1: Who has the 2nd most Instagram followers?

A: Well, you can see from the list that Cristiano Ronaldo has the 2nd highest number of followers on Instagram in 2022 which is above 481 million followers.

Q2: Does anyone have 1 billion Instagram followers?

A: Yet, no one has 1 billion followers but we are assuming that soon we will touch this number as we know how fast the world’s population is increasing day by day.

Q3: What is Instagram’s most-liked photo?

A: The most liked photo on Instagram is a picture of “an egg” which hit 55,746,040 likes on 1 February 2022.

Q4: what is the 2nd most loved picture on Instagram?

A: When a great football superstar announces Twins on Instagram. People loved it very much and makes it the second most liked picture on Instagram.


The 15 most-followed Instagram accounts are now known to you. This rating list of most followers can fluctuate according to celebrity news which can either brings down the top followed account or can boost their following rate. Furthermore, if you want to get more followers on your Instagram account, then you should remain active on Instagram and try to share your everyday life in your posts. In this way, you can earn more followers and get noticed by brands.

I hope this guide will motivate you to earn more followers.