As soon as clients leave comments on our website, we gather the available data to ensure no spam. This is why your email will be authorized first before the confirmation of the post. Once we approve it, your picture will be prevalent on the website, along with the comment.


If you intend to upload a picture on our website, you should avoid using one that has a location attached to it. Whenever visitors sift through our website, they can download the image and get to know the location. Therefore, we avoid such media at any cost.


If you leave any comment on our website, you can save the email address and name in the cookies. This is for your convenience, so you don’t have to begin filling in the details again from scratch. This way, when you visit our website and click on the autofill, you will rest assured about all the details being filled in the boxes without any effort.

As soon as you visit the login page, we will use a cookie that checks if your browser accepts cookies or not. For your information, these cookies do not comprise any personal data and will be discarded as soon as the browser is closed.

After your account has been signed in, you will be entitled to several cookies that save your details, and you will see everything on the screen. Don’t forget, the login cookies will last for only two days, whereas the screen option might stretch for over a year. So once you log out, all of your information from the web browser will be removed, and you can rest assured about nothing going wrong.

On the other hand, an additional cookie will be added when you publish an article. This cookie is free from personal data, and you don’t have to post the ID article.

Embedded Content from Other Websites

Articles on our website might include content from other websites too. The embedded content is no different because it provides the same results. These websites will collect your information through the use of cookies, monitor your interaction, and also add third-party tracking.

Who do we Share Your Data with

Your personal information will not be shared to anyone without your consent! However, if you want us to help you collaborate with the other influencers on Instagram; we will professionally contact the other party and see if they are willing to do the same. Your information privacy is our top priority, and we don’t compromise on the security of our client’s information.

How Lon do we Retain your data

Data retention is important because it allows us to study consumer buying behavior. As the number f people looking for our services increases, we have to know how we can help them out better in the future. We only store the personal information that is provided by the users to us. All of our users can see personal information every time. Furthermore, the website administrators will also view your information but never make any use of it.

What rights do you have over Your Data

If you already have an account on our website, you can request us to send you a detailed document that enlists all of your activities. On the contrary, you can also have all of your data erased after getting in touch with one of our customer services personal or simply writing to us at the official email address. This data isn’t inclusive of anything that will be kept for legal, administrative, or security reasons.

Where do we Send Your Data

We don’t share your data with anyone unless you don’t require it. A explained above, if you have plans to collaborate with anyone, only then will we ask you about sharing your information with the other party.

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