How to Make or Earn Money from Facebook

You might not see Facebook as something new and trendy today. But you can’t deny its popularity. More than two billion active Facebook users each day. It’s no surprise then that so many businesses and individuals are trying to make money from Facebook. With such a large possible audience it is logical to do so. t’s not easy however, to earn money from Facebook.

Due to the sheer size of Facebook it isn’t easy to make your mark in the crowd. This is especially true in the present, when Facebook offers only a small number of posts on a user’s feed. It is quite likely that the statuses that you meticulously make and then upload on your business’s Facebook page will only reach less than 2percent of your followers.

Every time someone visits their Facebook feed, the Facebook algorithm runs through four steps to determine which posts will be shown to the person:

Inventory The algorithm analyzes every status update that are shared by friends of the person as well as the pages they like.

Signals It then looks at the various signals that are based on a user’s behavior in the past. They include who created the post, the typical amount of time spent on the content and engagement with the post with tagging, comments and tagging and how helpful the content is, as well as other indicators. An important signal from a business standpoint is the way in which the algorithm weighs posts from individuals as more significant than posts on pages.

Forecasts – this signal tries to predict how the user will respond to an article whether they will post it on social media, leave a comment about it, and take it to read or simply ignore it?

Score The algorithm creates a Relevance Score for each blog post, basing it on the data and its predictions.

When Facebook collects feeds from a user it will only show those posts that have the highest Relevance Scores.

You have a Business, Influencer or Just an Ordinary Person?

Facebook is mostly it’s a social network, it is a place online where people are able to hang out, interact and share items that are of common interests. This is among the reasons Facebook gives posts on a personal account a greater weighting over posts posted on pages.

Companies must always keep that in their minds. It’s always more easy for individuals to spread their thoughts on Facebook rather than businesses.

But it’s not as simple as that.

If someone has only just a few Facebook friends, they’ll not be able to spread the message very widely in the event that they post content that is so important that people share it many times, and it then becomes popular.

However when a person is able to draw a large number of fans and interact with them regularly they will notice that their posts will be seen in the feeds of a lot of people.

Therefore, the best method to make sure that people listen to what you are saying is to build your fan base to the point that they believe you have an influence. Once you’ve reached this point, it’s easy to earn money from Facebook.

Businesses’ accounts shouldn’t be ignored completely, but. If businesses manage their accounts effectively and publish good content regularly, Facebook will recognize their efforts and boost the Relevance Score.

Build Your Audience First

The reason influencers have a high success rate on Facebook is because they’ve been through the procedure of creating followers.

You must build your experience on Facebook by posting a series of great posts, interesting pictures, links and news. To be successful as a person, you must establish an area of interest in which you are known as a professional.

Although businesses might choose to utilize influencers to promote to them, they will likely also seek to build some kind of Facebook presence on their own. As time passes, they can utilize Facebook to let people know the influencers as specialists in their area. Starbucks has demonstrated how to succeed in this manner and their Facebook page is currently attracting 37 million users.

The main objective the Facebook page must be to be a place where people meet you. If they enjoy your content then they will begin to admire your page. Over time, they will believe in you. In the end, they are likely to pay money to purchase something from you.

Kim Garst sums it down nicely when she states, “To sell on Facebook you need to stop treating fans like a commodity and start treating them like your friends.”

Selling anything in the Facebook Marketplace or a Facebook Buy and Sell Group

Depending on where you live you will find many different items and services available in Facebook Marketplace. The listings are organized into categories that range in size from Home and Garden through to bicycles and vehicles.

A Facebook user is able to select the region in which they can view products that are available for sale. For example, you could choose to show items that are available within a specific distance from your residence.

You may earn some cash by selling your unwanted items in the Facebook Marketplace. You might have to negotiate with other people, so make aware of the lowest price you’re willing to sell.

In the same way, there is also Buy or Sell Groups on Facebook in all regions. You can create posts that sell your surplus items in these groups. They usually have a common group of members and thus are less susceptible to haggling from other people looking to make a deal.

Operate a Facebook Group in Your Niche

While there is no worth managing an Facebook group solely with the goal of selling but they can be an effective way to let people know about what you have to offer.

Facebook Groups can be beneficial if you are selling information products. It is possible to create groups, encouraging members to support one another and to share ideas. You must make sure that you provide the members with useful material, and at times you may offer the product you offer as an answer for their issues. Facebook Groups could also serve as an alternative to other types of activities. For example, if your product is an eBook or course you can create a Facebook Group for members of your class or those who have purchased your eBook.

If you offer paid coaching, you can utilize the Facebook Group as a place for your clients to come together. It is possible to run it as a Mastermind group.