Are you looking for ways to get more Instagram followers in 2022? If so, you’re in the right place. Having more followers on Instagram gives you a wider reach, which means you can connect with more people. It also helps you build your brand and boost your business.

As we move into 2022, expanding your brand’s presence on Instagram is more important in this era. This social media app is on every smartphone with over a billion daily active audience of users, and with the right strategy, you can tap into this vast audience to grow your business.

But with so many brands competing for attention, how can you make sure your content stands out? And more importantly, how can you get Instagram followers fast?

Now that you know the importance of having more followers on Instagram, let’s get into our tips.


13 Tips on how to get more Instagram followers

Do you want to increase your Instagram followers? Of course, you do! Everyone wants more followers on Instagram. After all, the more followers you have, the more popular you seem, and the more likes and comments you get on your posts.

But how do you get more followers on Instagram without following? While there are many ways to do this, some methods are better than others. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to get more Instagram followers so that you can get in front of brands’ eyes and start earning some side income for your daily use.

Here are the 13 most important tips to get more Instagram followers.

  1. Utilize your Instagram profile page

Before diving into gaining Instagram followers, the most important step is to utilize your Instagram profile because you know the famous saying that the first impression is your last impression. So, you should utilize the character limits of your Instagram profile.

In your profile, first, create an attractive username for your company or brand. Second, add an attractive bio in your profile (also add a website link to gain more traffic). Third, post an attractive and amazing picture and add a caption under every post. Fourth, add a profile picture according to your brand or company description. These important steps will help you to build the foundation of our profile.

If you add a link in your profile bio, then you can gain healthy traffic on your product website but if you don’t have any website, then you can add hashtags in your bio related to your products.

You can also create a post such as “link in bio” to drive your follower’s attention toward your website. It is the most effective and fast way to gain traffic to your website. You can also attach your Instagram business profile link to your web so that whoever comes on your web page, get your Instagram profile and starts following you. In this way, your gain more followers, and your followers will increase day by day.

  1. Post your Content Regularly

Most Instagram users lack this strategy and post their pictures irregularly. Due to this, they didn’t get a good response from their followers. So, you should post your content regularly to keep in touch with your audience. The other important factor is time; you should know at what time of the day your followers are most active. Post your content at that time when most of your audience is using Instagram.

Furthermore, if you are a brand or company, then you should post fewer times to avoid spam because if you post your product after every 5 minutes, then Instagram feels that you are a boat and due to this mistake, your account can be blocked by Instagram. I’m not saying that you should not post your product feed, you should post but after the time difference of 10 to 20 minutes.

Well, you can also use different sources to check the average time on which most Instagram users are active or you can simply google it to check the presence of active people on this social media platform. If you start posting at these times, then you will see how rapidly your followers will increase and you never know if your account will get a blue tick in such a short period of time.

  1. Announce your posts in advance

While Instagram has introduced some amazing features and tools to collaborate with your followers. with the help of Instagram Live or add story tool, you can announce your posts in advance to gather your audience in advance. To use this tool, you simply have to create an attractive story first and post it in the story column.

However, you can also arrange an Instagram Live session just before any big announcement so that most of your followers can see what is coming for them before they preview the original post. This Instagram features help you to gather some attention from your followers before for example the launch of your new product.

Well, you can also add short videos in Instagram reels to announce your posts in advance. This exciting feature of Instagram helps you to create such an environment in which you can promote your product post even before they are launched on your profile. you can also use hashtags in your reels to boost your videos so that more people will take interest in your product and ask more questions about your product. In this way, you will start earning some healthy and true crowd.

  1. Create a consistent brand of short stories and attractiveness

If you want to gain the complete trust and response of your followers, then you should start filming short videos about your product. Explain in these stories how you can introduce this product globally.

Well, you can also give information about the manufacturing of the product because you have to gain the trust and attention of your follower.

However, it is very important to maintain the look of your brand. You can use Instagram story highlights to create a consistent brand story and attractiveness to gain more followers.

We all go through this point that some of the posts are not made for your Instagram timeline feed and your mind is in this difficult situation whether you post it in your profile feed or not. In this situation, you can you Instagram stories tool. You can display your confusing posts in your Instagram stories.

  1. Use keywords Popup in Searches

Every person on the Instagram app is searched by their names or usernames. I know you are well familiar with this information but you are not familiar with how Instagram SEO works.  You can also be searchable with the name field of your bio.

First, the username which you are currently using should be unique and different from other Instagrammers. If you are using a business account, then try to add some short forms of your brand in your username so that whenever anyone searches you, you are on the first preference of the result.

Second, your name should be anything attractive and eye-catching. If your account is a business, then you should select a name according to your brand. The keyword on your name should be according to your brand name.

For character limits information, you can read my Instagram Characters Limits: DMs, Bio, Posts, Captions & Hashtags in 2022 blog post.

  1. Use hashtags to reach new users

Well, I’m 100% sure everyone has once tried hashtags in their posts on different social media networks. The question rises what hashtags do? Well, a hashtag is a tool used in several social media platforms to fall in that category to which you have applied hashtags.

For example, if you have posted a picture of a cake and used a trending hashtag related to your picture, then every person who likes cakes can see your picture whether he or she is following you or not.

It is one of the essential tools for discovering new things and allows us to expand our social research. It is very important to know that most of your audience uses what type of hashtags because if you know that, then you can attach to them quite easily.

Moreover, you can use short-tail, long-tail, tending, local, low-intent, high-intent, and evergreen hashtags to get more Instagram followers.

The long-tail hashtags are the most effective ones as you will get your exact target audience and only those can engage with you and follow you.

Furthermore, you can use trending hashtags but your post will face some difficulty to reach its potential viewers because millions of posts are engaged with the same hashtag and the Instagram audience can see those millions of posts and from those posts, it is very difficult for your post to top-up.

  1. Attach with partners and brand advocates

It is a fact that the larger your followers grow, the more customers and buyers you have. To get the attention of your niche related-followers, you should follow those accounts which are somehow associated with your niche. By doing this, you can get followers because followers of that account are also able to see your posts if you put attractive hashtags. Instagram also provides a “Suggestion for you” option which can be handy if someone follows that person’s account, then your account will be suggested too.

Well, you can also engage with your niche-related communities. Get your account involved in these communities by doing comments, asking questions, liking their posts, and sharing their feeds.

If you engage your account with people which are in this community, then you will see your followers will increase rapidly because whenever you like or comment on their posts, they will get a notification, and definitely, they also check your profile.

Another thing you can do is you can work with an influencer in your niche. Almost 55% of consumers say that they gain more followers with the help of influencers. So, why not give it a try and attach it with any trusted influencer?

You can also try to collaborate with trending hot brands. Don’t hesitate to contact them directly. Luckily, you can get all the information from my blog post: 9 Ways To Get Noticed By Brands On Instagram To Grow Your Blog in 2022.

  1. Avoid fake followers

Having fake followers can deceive your new followers because when a person visits your IG account, they also take a look at your followers and see whether they are original or not. It is very important to have organic followers instead of fake ones as it helps you to build trust with your new followers.

However, it looks attractive to have so many followers but there are lots of drawbacks also. One of my friends have some fake followers and when I asked him what was the response, he said, all of these fake followers are useless because they didn’t like, comment, or share your posts as these peoples are from different parts of the world and some fake followers event don’t have the same language as yours.

It might seem easy to gain or buy fake followers but you can’t use them as your buyers because they are from different parts of the world and you can’t deliver your products there.

Real followers will comment, like, share or engage with you and ask different types of questions to get more details about your brand. This can help you to improve your brand but on the other hand, if you have fake followers, then no one will ask you such type of question and your account will seem like a graveyard.

  1. Showcase your account everywhere

As mentioned above, you should promote your Instagram to get more followers. you can do that by collaborating with some well-known company or brand.

Well, you can showcase your account on different social media platforms to gain traffic on your Instagram. If you have healthy followers on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, make an attractive post to link your followers to your Instagram.

This can help you to add fast followers to your IG account. To do this, add screenshots of your profile on different social media networks so that they can easily search your account and tends to follow you.

However, you can host a giveaway on your Instagram to gain more traffic and add some instructions to this giveaway such as following my account, liking or sharing posts, do comments on posts and tagging our product in stories, etc.

You can add an Instagram button on your website so that whoever visits your website can directly link with your Instagram profile and in this way, your followers will increase. Create that type of post, reel, story, and live video so that a person has some reason to follow you.

  1. Engage followers with your content

The smartest way to gain the attention of your followers is that you should know what type of content your followers want to see. Test your followers by posing different things and check the results on which post you get a good response from your audience, then try to create this content again and again in different and attractive ways.

Well, people like the content which are trending at that moment. You can use this trending content for your benefit and with the help of Instagram tools such as highlights, stories, Live sessions, reels, and IGTV, you can engage your following list by showing them the content of their interest.

If you are running some brand or business on Instagram, you should invest some money in Instagram analytics tools so that you can track and analyze the content of interest in your following. If you don’t have any idea where to start, get some help from your competitors about what they are doing.

  1. Write attractive captions

Many images you daily post on your Instagram timeline because images are the focal point of every person but if you add useless or baseless captions under your pictures, then no one will take interest in your post, and probably, you can lose your followers.

Bring originality in your captions so that if your followers start reading your caption, they stick to your posts for a while and after completely reading, they feel satisfied with what you have written in your caption.

Captions can make your post interesting. You can use different types of captions. The most effective and popular is the storytelling caption. In this type of caption, you have to guide your reader completely about the product you are displaying in your post in an interesting way.

  1. Make your followers happy

When your followers are happy with you, you will see that they start to give shootouts. Building a strong relationship with your followers is the key to gaining more followers. Keep posting such content that will bring a smile to your followers’ faces.

Well, you can share memes, engaging pictures, and quality content to gain the interest of your followers. If you make your followers happy, they will recommend others to follow you.

People on Instagram love to share memes, and informative or interesting posts. So, think carefully before posting something on your timeline.

  1. Use the interactive tools in stories

In the Instagram story, you will find some most interactive tools to engage your followers with you. You can use stickers, polls, answers to questions, and tagging tools to get the attention of Instagram users. Live question answers feature one of the most interesting tools in stories to ask questions or get answers from your followers.

You can also use a poll sticker to find out what your followers think about a particular object. Although your followers feel interactive with you. In this way, you can collect the interest rate of your follower. This will help you to post according to your follower’s needs and you will start getting new followers easily and quickly.

However, you can also repost another person’s post in your stories. You can tag anyone in your stories. These are some interesting tools provided by Instagram stories to remain engaged with your followers and your followers also start to about your brand or company.

By following these tips, you can quickly and easily increase your number of Instagram followers.


Here are some most frequent questions asked by different people.

Q1: what should I do to get 1000 followers on Instagram?

A: Well, you can easily get 1000 followers fast if you completely read this article. Fast facts to gain followers are: make an attractive bio, username, and profile name to engage your followers with you. Try to add highlights, and engaging posts, use hashtags in your reels or in captions and you can also use Instagram live to get more followers.

Q2: Can you get 10000 followers on Instagram?

A: yes, it is possible to get 10k followers on Instagram but you have to follow the guidelines given in this article. Provide such content that your followers want to see and expect from you because if you don’t do such a thing, you can lose your following number day by day.

Q3: How much money do 1k Instagram followers make?

A: it is possible to get 10$ for 1k followers if some good influencer contacts you but you have a complete grip on your followers. you just have to make sure the influencer that your followers will follow you and they can be their potential customers.

Q4: Do hashtags help you get followers?

A: The hashtag tool is one of the most effective tools to get followers on your Instagram because it helps to engage your content to its potential viewer. Definitely, you should use hashtags in your captions, reels, or IGTV LIVES to engage more Instagram users with you. So, use hashtags in your every post and after some time, you will be much happier to see the results of using hashtags on your posts.

Q5: How to get followers on Instagram without following?

A: To get followers on Instagram without following, you should run hashtag content, promote your profile on different social media networks, try interesting and new content, post your content on daily bases and learn from your mistakes to improve your profile.


In the end, if you want some controlled and steady Instagram followers, you have to provide exceptional quality content on daily basis. Running a business on any social media platform needs followers and proper attention to boom your income so, if you don’t give your account proper treatment, then you are not able to get followers and as a result, your business or brand will flop.

Well, it takes your time to completely understand the process but if you work hard and focus on these tips, then you can achieve what you want. Another most important thing is to try to collaborate with some well-known brand because this can boost your followers and you are able to grow a huge following.

I hope I have covered all of your queries about how to get more Instagram followers but if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.