Hello Instagrammers, are you ready for generating a passive income for your Insta-journey? Well, you are in a right place to collect some information about how you can engage and build strong relationships with brands so that you will get noticed by brands on Instagram.

Gaining the attention of brands on Instagram is not a cakewalk. You will not get such thing easily that you wish for. Most importantly, Brands are looking for bloggers who do all three things such as creating a creative caption, posting at right time, and targeting the right hashtags.

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is a visual social media platform where posts with more visuals tend to get more engagement and more notice from brands. So you should post as many high-quality images as you can on the platform.

Next, you should find a niche that interests you or something that sets your blog apart from others in the field so that brands will know how to find you on Instagram when they want content from bloggers like you!


Stunning Ways to Get Noticed by Brands on Instagram

Getting the attention of someone needs proper preparation and work. You can observe from this living example that for example, if you are a boy or a girl and you want to get the attention of someone or you want someone to notice you, then what should you do?  Well, you will attract him or her with your personality and your appearance.

In the same way, brands noticed such people which have some fan following, followers, and exciting and appealing posts on their profiles. over the years, you will come to know that these influencers have made a huge impact to build brands.

Here are some unique and stunning ways to get noticed by brands on Instagram.

  1. Generate High-Quality Content

Generating high-quality content means you are forcing brands and companies to engage with you.  Creating High-quality content is the most appealing and important thing that you have to do it. If you want to get brands to notice you, then your content must be unique, attractive, and eye-catching.

Furthermore, you have to show the brands that you are capable of doing such a thing. Whether your skill prefers to do photography, deep captions, or any niches in which you are working, you just have to be perfect and on the same line as most brands want influencers to be.

Don’t hesitate to show off a complete grip on your niche and try to impress brands with your skills and qualities to show them you are damn good and can make a huge impact if they hire you.

By generating quality content, you can be a perfect match for some brands. So, don’t be afraid to pat yourself on back and show the real you. Whatever you do, you should have full confidence in your skills and qualities.

  1. Engage with someone similar to your niche

To create an attractive and blooming impact on brands, you should engage with someone in your niche. By doing this, you will get in front of the most popular brands and they will definitely take note of your profile.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger and you want fashion brands to notice you, then try to engage with some fashion influencers first and you will see that after some time, they will reach you to promote their products if you are working on the same niche. This is the best way to get in front of the most popular brand.

On the other hand, you can also do comments on brands’ posts to get in a fort of their eyes but I don’t allow you to do generic comments on their posts. Try to ask interesting questions about their brand products so that brand takes interest in your comment and notices your profile.

  1. Try to work with other brands

Well, you get that right! Showing brands that you eagerly want to work with them will be one of the greatest chances that your niche-related brand hires you to display their products.

Firstly, you can target to cope with some low-listed brands that are not highly recognized. In this way, you will start your earning little by little and you never know that by starting from low-listed brands, some A-Listed brands will approach you and pay you handsomely.

Secondly, you might think that working with low-level brands can affect your influencing power but you are wrong. It makes your experience and if some high-level brand approaches you, you have the experience to tackle the promotion.

My pro tip to you is don’t hesitate to work with some high-level brands because it can affect your opportunity and contract. Just believe in yourself that you can do it and give your best so that next time this brand approaches you, they have a good valid reason to do such a thing.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

Well, everyone knows that if you are an honest person, then anyone will trust you so don’t show fake or pirated content in your profile blog. If you are commenting on others’ posts, drafting pictures or videos, or making IGTV, and LIVE videos, you should be honest in all you generate on your Instagram account.

Most brands want to work with true and honest people. Whatever the consequences are, you should speak the truth to your client. Brands want to build a positive image of their products and they don’t want anyone to lash out at other competitive brands. If you do such a thing, never know you will be blacklisted by Instagram. So, whatever brand you are promoting, tell the complete truth about that brand so that your followers will get true and accurate information about the product. Don’t try to add your own stuff to that product.

  1. Add brand related Tags in content

Adding brand-related tags to content is one of the smartest ways to get in the eyes of brands. This social media platform notifies a person that you have tagged in your post, comments, or in your stories. With the help of this tool, you can get an instant response from the brand that you tag in your content.

Well, it doesn’t mean that you start tagging brands everywhere. Use tagging where it is necessary otherwise, brands can block you if you constantly tag them in your content. So, I advise you to tag those brands which fit in your posts.

For example, if you bought something from any brand and you shared a post on your Instagram feed, then you can tag the brand in your post because most brands like the feedback of their customers, and in this way, you are able to get in front of their eyes.

  1. Keep updating your personal and professional profile

Your personality and professionalism are the key factors to attract brands to you. This can be done by maintaining your profile that will look like you are a professional in this field have you have a lot of experience.

In-person, you are not able to show yourself to any brand on Instagram, but if you behave like a professional in comments, posts, and IG stories, then you can get in the eyes of brands.

However, you can access your profile as if you are a hosting agent of a well-known brand looking for an influencer. What things on a certain profile will attract you? If you think like a professional, you will be able to arrange your profile according to the needs of a well-known brand hosting agent.

You have to show your value and capability to brands that you are a professional business influencer and know how to tackle all these things.

  1. Express yourself to brands

For all of the list, this is the most obvious thing that you have to reach out to the brands and express yourself that you are capable of doing paid partnerships with brands. If you have read all the details above, then you obviously get some attention from brands.

Don’t hesitate to contact brands because most of the brands want influencers to contact them for promotions. So, before anyone takes your place, you should be on the first DM of brands to show them you are willing to be a part of their brand.

You can send an E-mail to brands directly because this is a professional way to contact some high-authority brands. If your profile is according to all the points I have mentioned in this blog, then you will definitely get a good response from brands.

  1. Engage with your followers

Most brands look for how much you are engaged with your followers because it is the most important thing that they will look for when they hire you as an influencer or a brand ambassador of their company. So, you should have a complete grip on your followers so that whatever you post on your Instagram feed, the brand collaborating with you gets a good response from your followers.

Furthermore, you can also engage your followers with the help of Instagram tools. For example, you can host an Instagram Live for business, can create an attractive IGTV video or you can create appealing stories on your IG. By doing such activities, you are able to engage your followers and can use them to promote any kind of brand but I will recommend you to do what you do best. These types of influencers are on the top priority list of most brands.

  1. Use Hashtags + Geotags

Well, you are familiar with word hashtags and you also about the functionality it produces to boost your post. Although, it results slow and steady always wins the race, so you should use hashtags to promote and boost your posts so that more people will reach out to you and in this way, you will get more Instagram followers. your post will have more comments and likes and you will get different reviews about your post.

However, I don’t think you are familiar with the words Geotags. Basically, geotags are actually the geolocations that are gathered from your current physical location. It allows you to save or tag your current location. You can see the exact location from the post of an Instagrammer which is mentioned on the left corner of the post. So, you can use this tool to attract your audience and get noticed by brands.


Q1: How do you message brands for collaboration on Instagram?

A: First, go to the website of a brand with which you want to collaborate. You will find the About us or contact us option in which you will get an e-mail or contact information. In this way, you can contact brands for collaboration.

Q2: How do you get your brand’s attention?

A: To get the attention of most brands, you should review their product on Instagram and mention this brand on your post so that they will get a notification of your post. In this way, you can get some attention from brands. You can also use hashtags related to this brand.

Q3: How do I push my brand on Instagram?

A: To push your brand on Instagram, you should post some unique and attractive images of your niche-related objects. You can also run Live contests, Live broadcasts, use hashtags, and geotags, most attractive and engaging stories, run queries about your brand, and can post IGTV on your timeline to push your brand on Instagram.

Q4: How do you pitch yourself to a brand?

A: You can pitch yourself to a brand by introducing yourself to a brand and explaining to them what you are capable of. You can also show your verified Instagram blue tick report to show them you are not a fake person or that your account is not a fake one.

Q5: How to get brand deals as an influencer?

A: First thing you should do is to somehow get in front of brand eyes with the help of using different Instagram tools. You should select a brand that is according to your niche and post engaging and beautiful content. You should also read this article to get brand deals as an influencer.


Lastly, I want to share some important tips. Please remember that your content is the key to getting noticed by brands on Instagram. First, you should find your proper niche and once you find it, start creating amazing and exciting content. You must have that spark that can help brands to grow their customers.

So, you should fully prepare yourself before doing any paid promotions but don’t hesitate to contact the brand for collaboration. If you want help, you can ask any question in the comment box or you can also e-mail us.

I hope you will find all the answers to your queries and have learned a lot from my blog post.