One of the most widely used social media networks in the world today is Instagram. The social media platform has developed into a chance for brands and companies to broaden their marketing approach as its user base and popularity have increased.

One of the most important methods for every firm nowadays is Instagram marketing for eCommerce. The photo-sharing app became a massively significant possibility for eCommerce marketers once it was sold to Facebook in 2012. By now, you could be significantly underperforming if you don’t have an Instagram eCommerce marketing plan.

However, Instagram has made this announcement itself that almost 80% of Instagram users follow some high-rated brands. This means that users on this social media platform expect more from brands and seek out more interactions from their desired followed brand. This implies that leveraging the existing client loyalty of your business requires effective eCommerce marketing.


In this article, you will get to know how can use Instagram for eCommerce and some tips and tricks of influencer marketing strategies so that you can grow your business and get more followers on Instagram.

The 4 Best Instagram Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce Companies

As you are already aware, Instagram should serve as a virtual showroom for your e-commerce firm. Here are some of the most excellent advice we are aware of to get you started:

  1. Add content to your profile to increase organic traffic

As we all know that you have to showcase your content first to get the interest of people so that they will buy your product. Well, you can run ads on Instagram by paying them but Instagram luckily provides you with many other options to showcase your product for free. You can use different tools on Instagram such as hashtags, tags, links, Instagram live for business, reels, stories, and many more tools to showcase your product and reach the potential customer of your product.

However, if you want your product reach to your potential customer, then rely on organic traffic, and to get extreme traffic, you have to post high-quality interesting content on regular bases.

  1. Promote Giveaways

Who doesn’t enjoy getting things for free? Let’s be honest. Free things are always popular and create some hype around your social family members.

Well, if you use Instagrammer, you are familiar with the giveaways on Instagram in which any brand or company selects a random person from their following list. In some sonorous, they have laced some instructions to follow and those who follow are capable of winning the giveaway.

This giveaway strategy is a wonderful idea to create more hype for your brand and get more followers on Instagram. If you run a small business on Instagram, maybe by doing this, some well-known brand will notice you and hires you to promote their product as well. The exposure of giving free products will lead you to much more sales of your product and followers also.

Now, the technique to startup a giveaway is that you should start from the small product giveaways first then slowly go for big products in your giveaways.

  1. Run Paid Ads Using Different Techniques

Well, everyone knows about paid ads because it is not new on any social media platform. Ads on Instagram works effectively to reach out to the potential customer of your product to boost your sales. However, some brands don’t set their audience according to their products and claim that ads don’t do well.

You have to be patient while running your ads on Instagram and try to use some advertising strategies to reach out to your potential customer. You have to be creative while running ad campaigns on Instagram by doing some A/B testing or introducing different products to get the interest rate to your followers.

Sometimes, the most glooming product from your point of view is not liked by your followers. so, first, make sure your product post is liked by most of your following family. Some brands feel scared to run ads because they thought they can lose their money but if your product is up to the mark, then you will get amazing results by running ads.

  1. Engage in influencer marketing

Just to be clear, influencer marketing is one of the most effective and crucial things to get more limelight on Instagram. As we know, most people want those products used by influencers. Influencers have developed their faith with their followers and whatever they use, their followers also want to buy that product.

Well, influencer marketing strategies are based on three important points. First, you should select those influencers that can be a part of your community. Second, your influencers should have some experience and have done such marketing according to your product and create creative content. Third, they can be in your sales team if they can engage more customers to buy your product.

 Essentials for Influencer Marketing Success

These days, influencer marketing becomes an integral part of eCommerce business to boost your product sales. In the year 2016 to 2022, influencer marketing reaches its high level and almost 1.7 million posts of influencers were posted on Instagram. form these stats, you may clear your mind that how much influencers are making an impact to grow brands.

You probably realize the value of influencer marketing if you’re reading this. These 4 elements need to exist for your brand to successfully leverage influencers.

  1. Create your Social Media Channels

There are many social media networks on the internet to promote or sell your products with the help of influencers but we recommend you to use Instagram for this purpose because Instagram has a lot of different marketing options for eCommerce and have different tool which we discussed earlier to get your potential customers.

  1. Find the right influencers

Well, there are several influencers on this social media platform but you have to find the right influencer for your eCommerce business. Most people rely on google or other search media to find influencers but can easily find a good and trusted influencer on Instagram. You just have to create a post or share a story, you will see that many people will collaborate with you.

  1. Make use of Micro-Influencers

If you are using Instagram for eCommerce, just keep this thing in mind you don’t have to focus on those influencers who are very famous or heavy-hitters. You can or should select micro-influencers because they can have a complete grip on your product niches that have followers of less than 25k.

Micro-influencers are more engaging with their follower as they can help you to create a huge family which is interested in your product and in this way, your sales will increase rapidly.

  1. Belief in the Influencer

Belief in the influencer is the most important thing because, without belief and trust, you are not able to work with each other. We have seen that most brands want to control the content of the influencer and because of this, the influencer will not remain in their comfort zone. So, try to give your hired influencer a free space to do their work properly because they know how to tackle any situation. Let them do their work and you do your own.

The Complete Guide to Promoting Your E-Commerce Business

The collection of practical Instagram marketing suggestions with detailed instructions for promoting your e-commerce Instagram account business is provided below. This will assist you in expanding your Instagram presence and gaining followers as you use Instagram to promote your online company or brand.

  1. Find images that have been successful for others to aid in developing your brand’s identity.

Showcasing your product images is necessary to remain in touch with your followers because people like consistency. Most people think in this way that they are posting about their product constantly and due to this reason, their trust starts to develop with your brand or company.

Well, the most important thing is trust, if you can achieve their trust, then they will become your potential customers and stats to purchase from you.

A couple of things that you should do with your image branding are you should assemble a unified visual style and Establish a color scheme to boom your image branding more fluently.

To do this, you have to follow these points.

  • Shortlist your competition

If you are selling handmade paintings, then your competitor could be on amazon or Etsy which is selling the same product. They probably using Instagram marking. So, you can get information about them and shortlist them.

  • Collect information about your competitors

After shortlisting them, you should go through in detail how they are working and boosting their sales. You can copy their targeted hashtags or post quality to improve your product capability.

  • Note what you like in your competitor’s account

Note down all the things which are working for them and try to do it on your profile as well.

  1. Engage Your Audience Through Beautiful and Inspirational Posts

As we know that Instagram is a platform on which you can share your pictures with everyone. People love good pictures and like them if they love them. It is very important for any brand to engage its audience through beautiful and inspiring posts because this will build more trust in your brand towards your followers.

However, every person in this world has emotions in them, and emotions matter a lot. Posting posts of the picture with deep captions can melt anyone’s heart and in this way, you can build your customer and get more followers on Instagram. 

  1. Utilize Hashtags to Expand Your Audience and Promote Your Brand

Hashtags on Instagram are very important tools to get your brand or company to post on a search engine of Instagram. With the help of hashtags, you can reach your potential customers and your reach will expand much more among other Instagram users which are not following you.

If you are not using hashtags in your posts, stories, or reels, then you are wasting a big opportunity to get more followers. In the description box, you must use hashtags because Instagram allows you to use almost 30 above hashtags in the description box. IG discloses that if you use more than 11 hashtags, you will get more interaction.

  1. To increase engagement, use creativity while highlighting products

Instagram needs creativity to get more followers as people love to engage with those accounts, which provide creative and interesting content. Before posting a picture of your brand product, try to think out of the box to add some interesting and touching content.

However, you can style your picture differently so that when someone comes to your profile, they feel good and eagerly follows you quickly.

  1. Utilize the Instagram bio link in your profile to get more traffic to your promoted content

Instagram bio provides you with an option to add a link to your website in it. Do you know that if your followers or potential customers are not able to find your website, then how are you able to sell your products?

IG bio provides you with only clickable URLs place and with the help of this, your customer will directly go to your website homepage and buy your product easily. So, don’t forget to paste the URL of your website in your Instagram account Bio.


Here are some most frequent questions asked by different people.

Q1: How do I promote my eCommerce store on Instagram?

A: To promote your eCommerce store on Instagram, you should remain consistent because consistency in how you use Instagram is the secret to success. This will guarantee that, over time, the strategies you’ve picked grow your fan base, attract customers to your online business, and raise sales. Best of luck!

Q2: Is Instagram good for eCommerce?

A: Instagram offers a lot of options to market your product so, it is the best option for eCommerce to grow their business with the help of Instagram.

Q3: How do I market my store on Instagram?

A: You just have to simply follow the instructions given above in this blog. You will see in a few months, your store on Instagram will be marketed.

Q4: How can I increase Instagram sales?

A: By collaborating with influencers, you can increase your Instagram sales. For more information, read this article in detail.

Q5: Does Instagram take a percentage of sales?

A: Instagram automatically deducts 5% of shipment from your payouts. No matter what size or shape of the product are you selling.


We hope that this tutorial will enable you to advance your Instagram marketing plan. By now, you should be aware of the significant impact influencer marketing has. The marketing strategies are the most important thing to stabilize your brand and make your brand grow eagerly. You should stick to the marketing strategies to build a strong brand.

I hope this article Instagram marketing for eCommerce covers your queries. If you follow these steps, you will get the benefit.