I know the reason why you are reading this article. Well, it can happen to anyone but don’t worry, we are here to solve this problem.

If you are facing problems following, liking, or commenting on other Instagram users, then your actions can be blocked by Instagram. Well, Instagram action blocking can be the biggest issue that can resist you to gain more followers and likes on this social media platform. After gaining 100k followers on Instagram, you can experience this Instagram action blocking which can badly affect your account.

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this tutorial you’re wanting to remove and wondering how long an actioned block would persist, which is what I’m going to talk about today.

What does Instagram’s “Action block” mean?

Well, Action blocked on Instagram means that you are performing too many actions, such as following too many users at once, unfollowing too many users at once, or even liking too many users at once. Depending on how IG updates its rules, this action block might last anywhere from 24 hours to 24 days. During this action blocking, you are unable to like, follow, comment on, or even share the material of other people.

Different types of Instagram Action block

Instagram action blocks can be of different types. Here are some types of action blocking that you can face on Instagram.

Temporary Block on Instagram

On Instagram, the most common action block that occurs is the temporary block. This type of action blocking can last for almost 24 hours. The reason why you get it can be because of the breakage of some Instagram terms and conditions. It may happen as a result of using some Instagram features excessively.

They will escalate your IG action blocked to the next step if you continue to exploit the IG platform after you get over the initial block by utilizing automation tools or bots.

Action Block on Instagram with an Expiration Date

The second type of action blocking is that it gives you an expiration date. The action blocked has a particular date on which Instagram reopens all the actions which you are facing difficulty performing on your Instagram profile.

Action Block on Instagram without an Expiration Date

The third type of action blocking is that it doesn’t give you the exact date of expiration. The action blocked doesn’t have a particular date on which Instagram reopens all the actions which are hard to open during the log-in of your Instagram profile. for this type of action blocking, you can also go to the setting to report a problem if you haven’t done anything wrong.

Blocking actions on Instagram permanently

Well, as entitled, this fourth type of action blocking cannot be removed. The application of such restrictions is due to violations of certain Instagram policies. The fact is if you get this type of action blocking, then it is very difficult to recover your account. It can also happen if some of the users report your profile.

What makes Instagram Block your Actions?

It’s interesting to note that Instagram checks your daily visit time and accesses how much time you spend on Instagram. These action blocks are caused by several actions you take regularly or hourly. Instagram sets a particular action limitation which if exceeded can cause a flag on your account. However, sometimes an Instagram outage can occur if you didn’t get any notification from Instagram but if you get some type of action blockage notification, then this will be from one of the above-mentioned types of action blockage.

Here are some ways that can cause Instagram action blocked.

  • Exceeding the daily or hourly action limits

Each user’s actions on Instagram are subject to time restrictions, which might range from one hour to a day. Since Instagram’s limitations were roughly halved in June 2019, even users who complete all of their activities manually run the danger of being barred if they go over these limits.

Well, the limitation is not mentioned by Instagram on any platform yet but It mostly depends on the type of account and the age of the account.

  • You have a too-young account

Well, it’s simply that if your account is too-young, Instagram will not trust you. It is obvious that with your new account, you will try to get more followers on Instagram and will start to follow too many people at once. This action from your new account can cause action blocking but first Instagram sends you a notification, if you don’t bother it, then it can cause some serious problems for your account or even your account will be blocked by Instagram.

However, they should be aware that there are numerous strategies you can use to make your Instagram page go viral and gain your first few thousand followers per day.

  • Your link in the bio is blocked

If you added pirated or spam link in the bio of your profile, then your account will be blocked by Instagram because IG doesn’t allow promoting any pirated or spam full website. So, don’t try to add such type of website links on your bio or otherwise, it can lead you to an action block.

  • Posting adult or prohibited content

You should know that if you post adult content like a nude picture, then Instagram immediately flags your account and your account will be of no more use. So, don’t try to post such type of content on your account if you don’t want to get blocked by Instagram.

Additionally, if you break the rules with one account, it can affect the other identities that use the same IP address. The use of separate IPs while utilizing several Instagram identities is crucial because of this. Use proxies or VPNs to ensure the secure Instagram marketing of several accounts.

  • You Don’t use Instagram too often

As mentioned above that Instagram tracks your activity and if you don’t use Instagram too often, then Instagram reduces your daily action limits. In case, if you are suddenly using Instagram regularly, then the server of Instagram gets in dough and starts to stop you to perform different actions.

So in this case, try to increase the usage slowly because, in this way, Instagram will not dough your actions and allows you to perform any task on their platform. So, I recommend you stay more active on Instagram and keep posting pictures or videos on your account.

  • You use Instagram far too frequently

if you post too frequently and remain active for quite a long period, then your follower or Instagram will think that it is a spam account. So, you have to keep the balance and try to post at least 3 to 4 content posts on your feed every week. In this way, it will not look like you are not using IG too often or you are using it far too frequently.

  • Miss use of automation

By mixing up various actions, you can use automation tools effectively but you have to act like a human because if Instagram captures any bot action in your account, then your account will be blocked or flagged by Instagram.

However, without the use of automation tools, you can do 50 plus actions on IG daily, but if you use these tools, you can do 200 to 300 daily actions on Instagram. For gaining an average of 300 daily actions, you have to use automation tools but you have to be realistic and act like a human.

  • Overused DM character limit

Instagram has posted some character limitations in every field. If you try to overuse the DM limit and starts sending messages to everyone for promoting your product or anything, then this trick can put your account in danger and your Instagram account can be blocked.

Well, if you get action blocked on your DMs, it will not affect your daily limit and you are still able to gain more likes, followers, or comments and vice versa.

  • You sign in using numerous devices or IP addresses

If you log in to numerous devices or from different IP addresses, Instagram tries to protect your account by sending an E-mail or SMS code to your number but if you are not able to verify your account, then this can cause action blocking. So, if you have turned on two-step verification, then provide an authentic e-mail or number to Instagram so that your account will not able to face such action blocking.

How to Remove the Action Block on Instagram?

We’ve done some research and combed through forums to discover practical advice on how to get rid of the Instagram action block to respond to this query.

Here are some tips and tricks to remove action blocked on Instagram in 2022.

  1. Reinstall the App

To fix the action blocked in Instagram, you should delete the Instagram app and reinstall it again. This will help you to remove all the cookies and all the data which is collected and stored by Instagram will be removed automatically. Due to this, your temporary action-blocked account will work accurately.

  1. Report an issue

In some cases, we have seen that people don’t have done anything wrong and action blocking is implemented on their accounts. Well, you can simply report a problem, if you haven’t done anything wrong. To report a problem, just simply go to the settings of your IG account, then go to the Help option and click on the report a problem option after that, you have to explain what problem are you facing.

However, sometimes, the pop-up notification also has 2 options to combat whether you want to ignore the notification or you want to report a problem.

  1. Use mobile data instead

Your IP address can be the factor blocking your operations. In some cases, if Instagram doesn’t like the IP, it will even ban accounts while they are being created. So if you have a problem, switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data.

  1. Connect your Facebook account to Instagram

As we all know that Instagram allows you to link your account with your Facebook account. If you haven’t linked your account with your Facebook account and facing issues with action blocking, then connect it as quickly as possible. This will prove the Instagram that you are not a bot and that all the actions are your own. You can also link your Instagram id with other social media platforms as this will generate more trust in your account with Instagram.

  1. Try to log in with other devices

If you are still facing the action blocking, try to log in to your Instagram account with other devices. By changing the IP address, you can remove the action blockage on your account.

  1. Wait for 24 to 48 hours if nothing happens

if none of the above works to fix action blocking, then wait for at least 48 hours and hope for the best to get rid of this blocking. You should stop all the actions during this period and don’t use any 3rd party tool at this time as Instagram is accessing your profile in detail.

Dos and don’ts of Instagram action blocked

Here are the dos and don’ts which can change the action blocked chain in your IG account.


If your IG account gets action blocked, don’t rush to create a new Instagram account because it will take much more time to grow the follower again in your new account. Even if you start typing DMs to all of your previous following family, you will not get as much attention as you have made in your previous account.


Instead of creating a new Instagram account, try to recover your action-blocked account with the help of reporting a problem option. You can also read the above heading to remove action blocking.


Here are some most frequent questions asked by different people.

Q1: How long are actions blocked on Instagram?

A: If the block is temporary, then it will last for at least a day or maybe for a whole week but you have to report a problem. Don’t try to ignore the notification.

Q2: How long does the action block last?

A: well, it can last for 2 to 4 weeks if the blockage is temporary, but if the block is permanent, then you have to wait for a long time until Instagram sends you any information about your blockage.

Q3: Does an Instagram block expire?

A: yes, if you received the date on the notification about your action being blocked, then on the exact date, your Instagram block will expire.

Q4: Can you post while the action is blocked?

A: it depends on which type of action block are you facing in your IG account. You can also read the above detail to get more information about the types of action blocked.

Q5: How to remove Instagram action blocked on Android?

A: To remove action Instagram action blocked on Android, you have to press tell us but when Instagram notifies you with an action blocked message.

Q6: how to remove action blocked on Instagram on iPhone?

A: Well, you don’t have to do anything different on iPhone. Instagram action blocking works the same as it works on android phones. So, if you haven’t done anything wrong, then report a problem with your Instagram account.


I would advise pressing the “Tell Us” button to let Instagram know that the block was an error before you leave the platform well enough alone for a few days if you find yourself looking at the “Action Blocked” message on the app. Nothing may be posted, liked, commented on, followed, or unfollowed. You can attempt the activities again and see how they go after 72 hours.

I hope this article on Instagram action blocked will help you in unblocking your Instagram account. You should exercise caution since any more suspicious behavior might permanently ban your Instagram account.