In the modern-day world, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms on which our younger generation remains active all the time. They use this platform to share their life moments with their friends and family. The young people of our society spend most of their time using social media platforms to entertain themselves with unique and exciting content

Instagram has a huge user base in which you can get the attention of millions of people to increase your following and convert them into your latent customers. If you are running an organization, you have a great chance to boost the attention of millions of Instagram users towards your brand.

The sad fact is that Instagram opposes you for marking your advertisement and some other viewpoints in the form of Instagram characters limit. So, you should have some knowledge about character count to engage your followers through your bio, captions, and DMs.

Here’s the complete information about Instagram character limits on DMs, Bio, Posts, Captions &Hashtags in 2022.


Instagram Characters Limits 2022

The company has been constantly making changes since its inception. We all know that Instagram and Facebook are on the same platform and because of that, each of them has the same character limit. Instagram characters include

  • Headlines section:

The main headline of Instagram can accommodate only 40 characters. You can write only 40 words in the main heading of Instagram.

  • Body Text:

You are eligible to write only 125 characters. You have to complete your body text under this character’s limitation.

  • Description column:

You can write only 30 characters in the description column to describe your picture or product.

  • Caption section:

The limitation in the caption section consists of 2200 characters.

By looking at these figures of character limits, you have sufficient vacant space for adding text about your product or picture in detail. You have a lot of free space in the caption section, so try to utilize it to represent your product or picture by adding complete details about the product.

Another reason to change the character limits is to make Instagram more accessible to users who speak languages like Japanese or Chinese which have long words that are difficult to type on the keyboard.

Pro tip: Try to use small captions instead of long lengthy paragraphs about our post because some viewers will get bored and their focus will also divert from your post, so, keep your captions simple and classy. However, you can try it once to test lengthy captions in your caption section to check the response of your followers.

Detailed classification of Instagram character limits

In total, you are allowed to have 2200 characters on Instagram, which can be utilized in your post through different components. These classified Instagram characters are split up into different sections.

Below, you will find how these 2200 Instagram characters are classified into various categories.

  • You can only use 1000 characters for your Instagram DM.
  • You can only use 150 characters for your Instagram Bio.
  • You can only use 30 characters for your Instagram username.
  • You can only use 125 characters for your Instagram caption section.
  • You can only use 30 characters for your Instagram hashtags.
  • You can only use 30 characters for your Instagram profile name.

DMs in Instagram

Instagram DMs are a new way to communicate with your followers and customers. It is a fast, easy and personal way to know what they want, what they like, and what they care about. You can send pictures, videos, and other useful content to your customers. Another interesting thing about Instagram DMs is that your clients, friends, and family members can communicate with you through calls, video calls, and direct messaging.

DMs character Limits on Instagram

However, the limit on characters has been a problem for many brands that want to engage with their followers. With this in mind, Instagram has increased the limit to 1000 characters on DMs, which is about 200 to 250 words. The purpose of applying this restriction is to control spammers and the overloading of data during the use of this application. After understanding the purpose of limiting DM characters, you probably think that this is the right step that Instagram has taken.

You can add no more than 250 words to your single DM. This change will allow brands to be more creative and provide their followers with more information about their products or services. For example, if someone wants to book a flight or buy some clothes online, then they can now do it without leaving Instagram.

Profile name on Instagram

If you are an Instagram user, you probably know your Instagram profile contains all the pictures, reels, IGTV videos, your Instagram live for business videos, your bio, highlights, and your saved videos. You have all the controls to manage your profile and make it an attractive one so that your followers take more interest in your product picture, reels, IGTV, and many more.

Profile name character limits on Instagram

Instagram profile only allows 30 characters to be used in your profile. The edit profile option is mentioned in the center of your profile page in which you can edit or change your name, and username, add pronouns and add your business website and bio.

If you have a business page on your Facebook account, then you can also connect it with your Instagram profile. In the updated 2022 version of Instagram, you can add or create an avatar by clicking on create avatar option which is mentioned in the edit profile settings. By clicking on the personal information settings, you can also change or update your settings such as your date of birth, phone number, your gender, and so on.

I should say that your profile name should be between 25 to 30 characters and try to keep it simple and unique.

Hashtags in Instagram

The Instagram hashtag is the most effective tool to help with the SEO of your product and engage followers with you. You will get a healthy crowd if you use hashtags in your posts. Your product will be seen by more people and the chances of your sale also increase in this way. So, it is the best tool that Instagram provides you to connect with Instagram users.

The research was conducted on Instagram hashtags in which the researchers found that posts on Instagram with some trending hashtags have been seen by more people as compared to those posts which don’t have any hashtags. Furthermore, it is also observed that if you use trending and associated hashtags according to your product, then you will get more Instagram followers.

Hashtags character limits on Instagram

Instagram provides only a 30 characters limit to using Instagram hashtags. You can only able to use 30 characters, which is almost between 5 to 8 words. To use this tool, you have to use it according to your product description, because if your product is related to tech and you are using food hashtags, then you will not get the potential followers according to your product.

Furthermore, you can use your hashtag limit in the caption section or you can also use it in your feedback section. One of the most important tips is to use trending hashtags because if someone searches for a hashtag, he or she will search for some trending hashtags.

Username in Instagram

As we know, millions of people around the world are using the Instagram platform to promote their brands, products, and many more. So, you should have a unique and attractive username that will differentiate you from this crowd. Your username represents your product identity if you are using an Instagram business account, but if you are using it for personal use, your username will be unique from others and represents your identity among other users.

However, if you are representing some brand or company through this social media platform, then you have to choose an attractive and compiling username because it will establish your profile identity from similar product sellers. Therefore, you should choose a different and attractive username for your company or brand.

Username character limits in Instagram

On Instagram, you are allowed only 30 characters to use for your username. Your Instagram username should only consist of letters, numbers, and underscored characters. You can’t use special characters such as punctuation characters and symbols (like dollar signs $) in your IG account user name.

Moreover, try to write a simple and short name instead of your full name. Just, write the short form or nickname of your business in the username section. If you want to write the full name of your company, then you can use your Bio section to write the complete name of your company. Your username should be written elegantly.

Captions in Instagram

Captions in Instagram are one of the most important sections in which you can write about your Instagram post details. To create your post more attractive, the caption section allows you to write the description of the product so that you can write the quality of your product.

The caption section on Instagram gives you more length and limits to writing the description of your product or post as compared to other social media networks. But don’t go further as there is a maximum limit of characters set in Instagram that you can add in the caption section.

Captions character limits in Instagram

In the captions character limit, you can write only 125 characters in this section. These characters will help you to write attractive and elegant captions for your post. If you want to use this caption section, then try to use small captions instead of long captions because nobody has much time to read a 125-character long caption.

Most users on Instagram try to access this section to add the details of their product, but they don’t know that if they write more than 125 characters, Instagram will automatically hide the characters which exceed this limit of characters. If your followers want to read the caption all in all, then they have to click see more to read the full caption in the caption section. So, you should cover your main points in the first 125 characters so that your audience will not get bored.

Bio in Instagram

By using an Instagram bio, you can explain what the purpose of your Instagram account is, whether is it a personal account or a business account. You can write innovative things about yourself or about your brand that will help you to gain more attention from the Instagram audience.

Bio character limits in Instagram

In the Instagram bio section, you can write only 150 characters. This restriction can cause many problems for brands and companies because they want to write in detail about their product.

In this limitation, they can only be able to add 150 characters about their product which will confuse them about what to write about their product. Therefore, Instagram opens an alternative option for brands and companies to utilize more space if they need it.

Ways to increase Bio character limit on Instagram

We will solve this issue of character limitation for you. By following these ideas, you can get more space in your Instagram Bio.

By adding link

By adding a link to your bio, you can provide more information about your company or brand. Your followers will get all the information about your brand through this link and you don’t have to guide your followers completely in your bio.

In this way, you can engage your followers more with your company’s website and, in the future, they will directly come to your link to buy products that your company sells.

By posting

Through posting, you can explain in detail your brand or company product. In this way, you will get more space to elaborate to your followers about your product because you will get at least 2200 characters in a single post to use in your product favor.

By adding story highlights

By adding story highlights, you can increase the character limit of your bio. The stories you post can be collected from archive posts and from that, you can make a bunch of highlights by combining all of them under a single header.

You can add information about your business in Instagram stories to explain to your followers about the products of your company. You can also host an Instagram LIVE for business to engage with your followers and get their point of view on the products of your company.


Q1: Is there any word limit on Instagram comments?

A: Yes, you can only write 2200 characters in the comments. If you want more information about the Instagram character limits, then you should probably read this article from the top to get clear information.

Q2: How do you put long text on Instagram posts?

A: To add long text on Instagram posts, you can use the Instagram story tool or story highlights tool to put long text on your profile. This is the best way to give a detailed description of the product of your brand or company.

Q3: How long can Instagram posts be?

A: If you want to upload a video as an Instagram post, you cannot post more than a 60-second video on the Instagram post. By trimming long videos to 60 seconds, you can be able to upload them. In stories, your video post should be 15 seconds long.

Q4: Can I post a 2-minute video on Instagram?

A: Now, you can post a 2-minute-long video on Instagram through reels. You can also post it on IGTV because the new update will help you to add a 2-min long video on IGTV. You can also use the Instagram live tool to post your 2-min long video.

Q5: Is there a character limit for hashtags?

A: Yes, you can only use 30 characters for hashtags. For more guides, you should read hashtags on Instagram to exclude any queries about the character limits of hashtags.


After reading this article, I hope you don’t have any issues related to Instagram character limits. Now, you can control yourself to the restrictive character limits on Instagram and you can achieve your desired goal easily.

It also helps to build a strong communication relationship with your audience and build your trust towards your followers. This strategy will build your strength in Instagram business marketing and you will also be noticed by most well-known brands.

I hope this guide benefits you in a good way and that your query about Instagram character limits will also be cleared.