If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to get a verified badge on Instagram. The verified badge is a blue checkmark that appears next to an Instagram account’s name. It lets people know that an account is an official account for a public figure, celebrity, global brand, or entity.

The process for getting verified on Instagram has changed over the years, and it’s become more difficult to get verified as the platform has grown. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the process and what you need to do to get verified on Instagram in 2022.

What is Instagram Verified Badge?

If you’ve ever browsed through Instagram, you’ve probably seen that some users have a verified badge next to their name. But what does this badge mean? And how can you get a verified badge on Instagram for your own account?


The verified badge on Instagram is a blue checkmark that appears next to a user’s name on their Instagram business account or personal account. It is used to indicate that a user has an authentic, verified account. This badge is typically reserved for high-profile users such as celebrities, athletes, and businesses. However, any user can apply for a verified badge by completing a form on Instagram’s website.

Instagram verifies accounts in order to prevent impersonation and to ensure that users are seeing accurate information. If you’re a public figure, celebrity, or brand, having a verified badge can help you build trust with your followers.

Having a verified badge on Instagram can be beneficial for businesses, as it helps to build trust and credibility with potential customers. It also allows businesses to stand out from the crowd and be more visible in the Instagram community. If you’re considering applying for a verified badge, be sure to read Instagram’s guidelines carefully to increase your chances of being approved.

What is the importance of an Instagram Blue Badge?

While the value of a blue badge on Instagram may seem like a simple question, it’s actually quite complicated. The value of a blue badge can vary depending on the person or brand that is holding the badge, the number of followers they have, and the engagement rate of their posts.

However, there are some general guidelines that can help you determine the value of a blue badge. For example, a blue badge typically allows a person or brand to be verified, which can help raise their profile and increase their reach. Additionally, a blue badge can also help a person or brand build trust and credibility.

Ultimately, the value of a blue badge on Instagram depends on the person or brand that is holding the badge. If they are able to use the badge to verify their account, build trust, and raise their profile, then the badge can be quite valuable.

This is the main reason why every business or professional account holder eagerly wants to achieve an Instagram verified badge so that they are able to grow their business strongly.

Who can get Blue Verified Badge on Instagram?

Instagram offers a verified badge to certain users who it deems to be of public interest. This badge helps to distinguish these users from other users on the platform and gives them a higher level of authority.

A person who has an Instagram account can request this badge but you need to fulfill certain other criteria to get the approval for your blue badge from Instagram.

This social media platform has very strict conditions for getting blue badge verification from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Recently, Instagram has included community guidelines and terms of services in their help center to give some knowledge about the blue badge. You must stick with these guidelines and services to get a blue tick but moreover, your Instagram account should meet all these criteria which are mentioned below.

  • Your Instagram profile should have information about your profession, business, and the entire profession.
  • Your Instagram profile should be visible to the public because private accounts are not allowed to be verified.
  • Your Instagram profile should have a complete bio with a detailed description of your profession or business.
  • Your Instagram profile should be unique because this social media platform doesn’t verify multiple accounts of the same profile.
  • Your Instagram profile should be highly noticed by the audience and you have some kind of news fame about your profile or your business.

Note: if you meet the criteria mentioned above, you can apply for a verification badge. You don’t need 100k followers to get verified, but the thing you only need is to fulfill the criteria that I have mentioned above in my blog post.  

How to get verified on Instagram without being famous?

The first query roaming in most minds is: Can you get verified on Instagram without being famous?

Well, ease yourself because the answer is “YES”.

If you check the criteria in detail, you will come to know that you are able to get verified on Instagram without having an immense following because the following count is not on the criteria list of Instagram verification.

By providing prove of notability, you are able to secure your blue badge verification. The criteria list which I have mentioned above is the most important part to benchmark your desired blue tick. So, follow the guidelines and tips to achieve it in an authentic way.

How to request a blue Verified Badge on Instagram?

If you’re a public figure, business, or brand on Instagram, you can apply for verification. Verified accounts have a blue badge next to their name to show that they’re who they say they are.

Here are a few simple steps to get a verified badge on Instagram.

  1. The first thing you have to do is log-In into your account on the Instagram app and go to your profile wall. You will see a justifier-like icon in the top right corner.
  2. Now, click or tap on the icon and go to the “Settings” in which you will find the “Account”
  3. Now, click or tap on the “request verification” option and fill out the verification form. The verification form includes
  • Confirm authenticity: In which you have to add your account username, your full original name, and an official identification document for yourself or for your business.
  • Confirm notability: In which you have to add a category, your current living country, and an audience option to describe why people follow you, etc.
  • Add links: In which you can add your article, social media accounts, and other links to show that your account is in a public figure.
  1. In the end, just simply click or tap on the “Submit”

For a duration of a few days or weeks, Instagram will notify you about the status of your verification.

If it is a “Yes”, then you will see a blue verified badge next to your username.

If it is a “No”, then you can resubmit your verification within a 30 days margin.

So if you’re looking to add that coveted blue badge to your Instagram account, follow the steps above and you could be verified in no time.

Note: if your Instagram account or business page is verified and you have attached it to your Instagram account, it doesn’t mean that your Instagram account will automatically be verified. You have to go through this verification process to get a verified badge on Instagram.

Tips and tricks to get verified on Instagram

After reading the upper part of my blog, you have a sense that everyone can apply for a blue verification badge on Instagram.  But the thing is getting approved by Instagram is the hardest and toughest part that you will face during your verification.

Under this heading, you will learn some tips and tricks to get a verified badge on Instagram.


  • Don’t ever try to buy a verification badge

On Instagram, you will find such profiles which sell blue badges. Don’t ever try to cope with this shortcut because your personal or business account can be blocked by Instagram.

The verification process is the only way to get a blue badge on your Instagram profile. So, don’t try to purchase an Instagram blue badge because it will waste your money and your account will be penalized for breaching the guidelines of Instagram.

Scammers will try to reach you in different ways because they know how important a blue badge can be for your business and profile.

However, you can try to engage followers through your IGTV, IG Stories, IG timelines, and Instagram live by making some useful content. In this way, you can be on some news headlines and on any media source.

  • Complete your Instagram profile perfectly

The verification process of Instagram also depends on the profile of your account. Well, your profile should have complete information about you or the business which you are currently running. Furthermore, the bio on your profile should clearly represent your personality or business and the profile picture should be according to your profession.

In this way, you are able to gain the trust of your audience and Instagram appreciates that kind of profile, and your chances of getting a verified badge also increase.

Your complete profile also helps to build your credibility among your followers and you are able to attach to your new IG audience.

  • Engage more real followers

For verification, Instagram checks whether your followers are real or fake. It is a fact that you should have a healthy number of followers to get your account verification successful, but we don’t have any exact figure that you must have such a number of followers.

This social media platform is rich with lots of helping tools to get more Instagram followers. You can engage your followers with the help of Instagram LIVE session, by making IGTV, or by using your IG feeds and stories.

  • Remove any Cross-Platform Links from your Profile Bio

The Instagram platform will not encourage you to add other social media platform links in your bio. If you have added links to other social media platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, or YouTube account, remove them ASAP before requesting verification of the blue badge.

You can only add links to your website related to your Instagram business profile. If your Facebook account or page has a blue badge on it, then you should attach it to your Instagram account because Instagram will appreciate this move and encourage you to improve your verification more quickly.

  • Boost your Search Ability

The verification team of Instagram is looking for all the facts and figuring out how often you and your business profile are searched by different people on Instagram. So, do such an activity that will increase your profile search ratio.

The verification team has all the access to your profile and they can access how many people are searching for your profile because it increases the strength of your verification and Instagram satisfies itself by looking at this fact and maybe approving your verification request.

You can also use famous hashtags to picture your post in front of millions of people because, in this way, you will appear in organic searches and your chances of getting verified by Instagram will increase rapidly.

  • Request Verification When your Name is in the News

Instagram checks how notable you are in your country or society, so if you have any kind of fame which makes you different and famous from other people and your name comes on any kind of news, then you should apply quickly for blue badge verification.

If your brand is featured in a news source, then your IG business page has a good chance to get a blue tick beside its username. You don’t have to send the details of the news or headline to Instagram because IG searches for your headlines on any news platform.

  • Attach with an organization or publicist

If you eagerly want a blue badge on your Instagram profile, then attach it with some organization or publicist that has complete access to media support tools. It may cost you, but it is the quickest way to get a blue tick on your Instagram account.

The verification is not guaranteed, but the verification team has more faith in the professional publicist industry, and maybe, your account will be verified within days.

  • Honesty is the best policy

Well, every person has heard this quote from Benjamin Franklin once in their life. So, make sure to fill in true and accurate information on your verification form.

If you, unfortunately, give false information about yourself, then Instagram will automatically deny your request and you will never know your account may be deleted because of your non-serious behavior. So, make sure to give your real name, original documents, and accurate answers to the questions.

  • Stay online on your Instagram account

To get an Instagram verified benchmark, you should remain active on Instagram because the verification team will access your runtime on their social media platform and if you are not an active user of their platform, then you will never ever be able to get your blue tick.

Moreover, you can engage your followers by making useful content on Instagram. This will increase your account’s credibility and the verification teams also check how much your account is engaged with your followers.

First, you should know what kind of activity your followers are demanding from you. Try to appeal to your followers with different activities or post something attractive for your followers. Start or post your content when most of your followers are active so that they will engage with you.

  • Don’t lose hope and try again

If you get rejected by the Instagram verification team, don’t ever lose hope, start again, and at that moment, you have a clear picture of what you have done wrong in your first attempt.

For the second time, do it more carefully and attentively by tick marking these tips and tricks to get verified on Instagram. You will see that no force in this world will dare to deny you for getting a blue badge on your Instagram profile.

How to Stay Verified on Instagram?

After being verified on Instagram, your next step is to maintain your account’s blue badge. Definitely, you will not bare that your blue tick was somehow removed by Instagram because you gained it after so much struggle.

So, to stay verified on Instagram, stick to these non-negotiable rules.

Don’t push your account to private

Your account should remain public if you want to stay verified on this social media platform. It is the most important rule in the verification criteria list.

Keep to the rules

To keep verified status, you should follow the terms and conditions of Instagram and community guidelines. If your account is verified, it doesn’t mean that you can post unethical pictures or videos.

You should play by the rules and try to engage your followers by posting useful content.

Getting a blue tick is just a start

When someone gets a blue tick on their profile, he or she becomes very happy but they don’t know it is the beginning. He or she should plan a strategy to maintain their Instagram blue tick by engaging followers and posting interesting content on your account.

By following these things, you are able to maintain your blue badge and can earn a lot of money.

Is getting Instagram blue badge worthy for you?

There are plenty of advantages to getting an Instagram blue badge. You are able to engage with more people and most of the brands will notice you and try to engage with you to promote their branded products.

This blue tick differentiates you from the ordinary Instagram crowd and you are able to earn a healthy amount. You just have to use the strength of your followers to promote any brand product. Brands will hire you and pay you according to the strength of your followers. So, if you want to get brands to notice you on Instagram, then the most important is to gather and engage your followers with you and after that, you will see a healthy response from your audience.


Q1: How do I get a blue check on Instagram?

A: By following all the steps I have mentioned above in my blog, you are able to get a blue check on Instagram. Simply, you just have to submit a verification form which you will get from the “request verification” option.

Q2: Can a normal person get verified on Instagram?

A: Yes, any person can get verified on Instagram but you have to meet the criteria of the Instagram verification team. Possibly, you can get verified without being famous if you are able to pass the verification process.

Q3: Can you buy a verified Instagram badge?

A: Well, it is not possible to buy a verified Instagram badge. Don’t trust anyone if he is saying that he can help you to get Instagram blue tick because it will be a waste of money.

Q4: How many followers do you need to be verified by Instagram?

A: We didn’t have the exact number of follower tags that a person should have before he or she requests for Instagram verified badge but we know that you should have a healthy following before requesting a blue tick.

Q5: How much does Instagram verification cost?

A: In the black market, there are roamers of $5000 – $8000 to get a verified badge on Instagram, but if you take my opinion, don’t risk your money for a blue badge. You can follow the criteria that I have mentioned above to get your verified badge.


The need for a blue badge on Instagram is becoming one of the popular trends in our society because it becomes a symbol of a well-known personality. Most people these days want a blue checkmark beside their username to show others that they are more honored by Instagram instead of any ordinary person.

In this blog post on how to get a verified Instagram badge in 2022, you will find all the information about the blue badge. You can easily get the badge by following this unique and easy guide.